Major Project Update #3

From my last blog post about my major project I briefly explained where I was at in my project. I talked about how I have decided which unit I will be covering and that is grade 10 foundations and pre-calculus and the unit covering surface area’s and the comparing of three dimensional shapes. If you would like to see the outcomes and indicators, you can just click here.

Now I didn’t really share any of my progress or anything that would show that I have completed much, I more or less just talked about my completions and all the stuff I have done. So I would like to take a moment in this blog post to briefly show you what I have finished. The problem for me was finding the right app to use to help me create instructional videos. Now thanks to one of my classmates Amy Martin, she gave me a tool/app I could use called Educreations. Educcreations is great, you can sign up as a teacher and build your own social space and share all of your creations or you can have students sign up and join other classes and learn through this app and website.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 7.58.23 PM.png

Since my last post I have been playing around with this tool more and more, and it is honestly super easy to use and super easy to upload my videos to my class, which if you would to join my class you could create an account and join Mr.Cowpers Math Class. There is a code to join and that code is DUYJJTK. If you don’t want to join that is totally fine.

To show you where I have gotten I want to share my first lesson now it is not the greatest legibility I have terrible writing but it is very informational and quick to the point and very simple and basic instructions to help students understand the proper way to find the surface area of a sphere.

To view my video you can click here.


Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 8.11.07 PM.png

Thanks for viewing and reading more videos of my class will be posted from now on every week hopefully.



2 thoughts on “Major Project Update #3

  1. I love that foundations pre-calc unit. There is a lot of content there though, tons of information for students! I love the Educreations video you made. Informational, it made sense and if I didn’t know how to calculate the SA of a sphere, I would now. Did you find the app difficult to write with? I have terrible writing and I’d like to try this app but I also feel like I’d get tired of the writing aspect. You’re doing an awesome job so far, can’t wait to see what you do next!


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