Twitter as an Educator

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This week was a very interesting topic and for most of us a familiar topic. That topic being the use of Twitter as an educator. For starters my thoughts of using Twitter as an educator is very bland, I really like the idea of sharing information, with students using Twitter, I like the idea of connecting with fellow educators through twitter and meeting new people and learning about new things that we as educators can use to better our teaching which will better our students. I also like how easy Twitter is to use, it is very simple tool to learn and understand and can easily be taught to someone who may be new to Twitter to help that particular person better understand.

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My thoughts on Twitter have definitely changed over time. At first I could honestly care less about Twitter, I thought Twitter was something to have just because everybody was getting it, I am not a regular Twitter, I have been twitting a lot for our class, however after our class is done with for the semester I can’t see myself continuing to tweet. However after our last class, and after our twitter chat,  my thoughts have changed, I met a lot of very cool people, through the twitter chat. I learned a lot about others and learned their views on using Twitter as an Educator and a lot of it was positive. So yes my thoughts on Twitter have changed over time. The biggest change for me was following interesting people, if you follow boring people, your going to get boring stuff, if you follow interesting people and people who tweet often, then you will be connected to  unlimited amounts of information.

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Some benefits that I can see for using Twitter is connecting with students and parents over Twitter, which to me is probably the most important benefit, because I personally believe that communication is key to success and if you do not have communication than you can not expect your students to understand or learn properly and to the best of their abilities. Another benefit is sharing resources, it is super simple to tweet out a link to a site, or a link to an article and this will allow for not only yourself to find interesting material, but it will allow you to help others and your students be able to find the resources you are wanting to share with your students, very accessible.

Some challenges I can see using Twitter is not everyone may catch on to the trend of checking their Twitter accounts, and that might be the biggest challenge in my mind. Another challenge that you may have is the educator wanting to use Twitter, some people are very unfamiliar with Twitter and may turn to using different online tools as a way of communication. Other than that there is in my opinion the two biggest challenges you have to over come, because after those challenges are beaten, then twitter is definitely the easiest tool to us in order to communicate with your learning community.


2 thoughts on “Twitter as an Educator

  1. I really enjoyed the ecmpchat as well. It was fun meeting other educators and read their opinion on different topics in education. Twitter is also an awesome way to communicate. You’re right though, some people don’t use Twitter and I think it may be less popular than it was a few years ago. Some parents(guardians)/students might not have accounts and might not care to get one. Great blog post, you’ve got some great points on this topic!


  2. I really appreciate your honesty on the subject. I also think that Twitter is a very valuable tool for meeting new people, learning new ideas, and gaining new resources. It’s like a being in a staff room with teachers of all different kinds willing to share their knowledge, ideas, and insights with you, and you being able to respond in turn. It’s really cool.
    Thanks for sharing!


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