Major Project

My major project was quite enjoyable. I was tasked with creating an online unit. Now it took me some time to figure out what exactly I wanted to teach, and every unit is different and some units would work better online than others so, I decided to search for a unit that would allow a formula to describe and and explain and than very simple answers, to keep it in the style of Khan Academy. Which I think is the greatest thing ever invented but thats just me.

After finding my unit of surface area and volume in the grade 10 mathematics curriculum in saskatchewan. I got to work on trying to find a tool to use in order to create this Khan Academy style videos. This defiantly was the hardest part but after a fellow student mentioned Educreations in a comment on one of my blogs, that is the tool I went with.

Educreations is a very simple tool and I really enjoyed using it. I created 10 videos explaining the main objectives of the unit and by completing the quiz on Edmodo which i Created a learning space just for these videos, it definitely prove some of the indicators that would require me to say my students completed their objective.

My videos can be found in this google doc here.

My Test for this unit can be found here. 


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