Curriculum Development

For this weeks blog, I have to first start by talking about how I think schools curricula are  developed. I think that the curricula is developed by the board of education across Saskatchewan have representatives for experts in said subject to come together and discuss what outcomes and indicators need to be met in order for the students to attain the required information. It also could be each representative develops a mock curricula and then as a collective group discuss what is good and bad and what is important to learn and what is not. That is how I think it is developed.

After carefully reading the document it came to my surprise of just how complex creating a curriculum is. For starters it is very political in sense of whose leading the workshop and pulling the strings, but from my reading and understanding the government pretty much has a control in every aspect of creating a curriculum there is. So how is a curriculum actually made? Well for starters is the organization of goals, those goals are the general goals, what everyone thinks needs to be accomplished, and the broader goals, the goals that are in depth, and require more detail and understanding. Then comes the discussion for all subjects, with questions that relate to things like, when should a student know this, when should a student know that, when should student should be to to do this, etc. Then comes the content discussions, this is the part in my opinion where debates can really start to get long and hard, by content this is understood to me as the materials, textbooks, history of our country, of other countries, certain criteria standards, assessment content, etc. Other debates include what values the schools want to present to their students and want their students to gain. It is one big debate and I could see this getting pretty intense and it may be quite a difficult process if you have several people on opposite sides. Now the people involved in all of these discussions stems to four groups, national, local, and school participants, as well as sometimes federal. These are the groups who will be debating this topics and having these conversations. Many curriculum also get tested as pilot basis, where it is trial by error, to see what works and what doesn’t and these are done by certain committees and experts in so called fields. From the reading this is the basic idea of how a curriculum is made.

This reading made it very clear on how curriculum is developed. I had no idea how much the government plays a part in curriculum development but then again I am not very surprised since the social studies curriculum lacks a lot of important issues. I wouldn’t say I was shocked by anything but I could imagine the stress and anger and intensity in these meetings where you are discussing everything that children should learn because there are people who will never change their mind and they are always right and there is nothing we can do to change their mind and that would make this process extremely difficult. Other than that it was a great article to read and very informational and a very good resource to have.

One thought on “Curriculum Development

  1. You made a good point when you talked about the Social Studies curriculum potentially being held back by a system like this. I wonder if there are other things that are being held back by this system behind the scenes that is not so easy to spot.


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