Curriculum (Autonomous vs Ideological)

For this week we had to pick a curriculum that we will be following when we graduate. With myself being a post-secondary student. I decided to choose the Grade 10 math curriculum, with the grade 10 math being foundations and pre-calculus. Now math is such a complex subject and is usually the subject that students either struggle with or hate. Being a math teacher we face the same questions over and over. Why are we learning this? When am I ever going to use this? etc.

Looking through the curriculum and looking at all the outcomes and indicators I would have to say that the foundations and pre-calculus follows more along the lines of autonomous. The reason for that is the fact that the curriculum does not really allow a lot of breathing room in the ways that the material is presented. Of course there are several approaches to teaching math whether that be the Inquiry approach, open tasks, board work, etc. But as the definition of autonomous, higher cognitive skills and improved economic performance. I think that math will allow the student to gain these skills and hopefully help them in the future. As far as ideological, math does not really fall anywhere close to that, you do write and read in math, but you are reading equations and writing problems, you are not writing essays, or papers that require research and analyzing, so for math I think that Ideological form of literacy is very far off from math, however it is still in my opinion important to have those skills regardless. But with all that being said autonomous is the more prominent

Some examples I found in the curriculum of autonomous is there is lots of indicators that say relate this to ones self, life, family, etc, in almost every outcome there is a indicator that states that. To me that is autonomous, because it is thought out and requires cognitive ability. Math also is a subject that involves comprehension, and that is another example that goes with autonomous. I also think that math is a skill, it is a subject that requires skill in order to be successful, practice makes perfect in my mind when it comes to math, and developing that skill in math to be successful. Once again this falls in the autonomous category.

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