ECS 350 Theory Constructivism

Throughout the semester we have been discussing different strategies and theories to incorporate into our classrooms. For some reason this theory about constructivism and student centred learning really jumped out to me and peaked my interest in ways to incorporate this in y future classroom as an educator.

For starters what is constructivism? We learned in our Esc 350 class that constructivism is the practice that students are responsible for their learning and through certain practices they will discover learning for themselves through several different strategies, with the main strategy being group work. This theory stems from Vygotsky and Piaget who beliefs that social environment is important for learning which I agree with very much so.

The reason I picked this theory to do my inquiry project on is the fact I believe that social skills and a  social envoy,met is very important in a students life and in their learning, because when i was in school and at the university level I find I strive better and learn more in group work. I think group work and cooperative learning are great ways for students to learn, not only because they are working with others and developing social skills but maybe their peers are explaining the knowledge in language and terms that they understand more than what a teacher can express.

Now there are some areas where I can see this theory being a problem and it stems from students in these groups are doing more of the work than their peers and then when being assessed everyone is receiving the same marks, so i think that their is defiantly some work to be done when assessing using constructivism in our classrooms.

If this post was unclear of what constructivism is exactly here is a little video to help you understand. Click here for the link.

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 8.44.09 PM

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