Constructivism During My Pre-Internship

What experience my pre internship was. I can honestly say that my experience was far more unique then several of my peers. My cooperating teacher had extremely high expectations and was treating the process as though I was an intern. Coming into pre internship I had several great ideas of incorporating a constructivism approach to my teaching style and by using group work and inquiry lessons that involved group work and discovery learning in my lessons. However this was not the case as I only got to try a few discovery learning in my class.

For my discovery task I was teaching a foundations 20 mathematics class where students were dealing with the ambiguous case. In this task they were group and had to follow specific guidelines for there groups in order to complete the task. In the task the students were asked to create as many triangles as possible following a certain set of rules. I found when given group work the students were very confused and did not really now where to start because of the lack of group work they have been accustomed to in a math class.

Most of the math classes that I observed there was no group interaction at all and it was every student for themselves. Especially in the classroom I was in the routine before I got there had been, generally direct teaching and pretty stereotypical math classroom, where students were given notes then they had to work on assignments, then quizzes and test.

So when I assessed a discovery learning task and involved group work again the students were very confused but by the end of it they all worked extremely well together. This was also another opportunity for my students to use a different method of assessment as well and this included self and peer assessment where I created tow rubrics for the task in order for the students to assess themselves and their peers. I found for the first time they have done something like this activity they assessed themselves honestly and were very critical of themselves.

The most important aspect of this task was they were then able to apply the knowledge they learned to an exam and most of the students did quite well on the exam when some of the knowledge gained was from a constructivism and discovery learning method.

Overall I think if I was able to try more tasks involving discovery learning I think this idea of a constructivism would really have been successful and creating the social environment in my class would have been beneficial to the students learning.

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